Meet Gina

Having “urned” a degree in business management, I worked my earlier years in the pharmaceutical industry, took a break to have children, and since then, have been successfully involved in the design and fashion industry for the past 12 years. As an experienced stylist, I am often told that I have an eye for design and style.

​Planting for over 20+ years and stemming from my parent’s adoration for gardening, I decided to combine my skills, experience, and talents in creating Urned Elegance.

I create elegant urns/planters with only the best of nature’s gifts. Having extensive retail design experience, my eye for style is reflected in each planter creation. Inspired by nature and loving the change of each season, I look forward to being your green thumb!

Gina Khalifa sitting on stone bench in lush woods
delivery van bringing driveway container garden plants